LG Split 1.5HP Copper Air Conditioner

LG Split AC 1.5HP

Anti-mosquito AC
Ultrasonic sound to kill mosquitoes
Triple filter, Auto clean
Auto restart
Sales price ₦125,000

OVERVIEW OF LG Split 1.5HP Copper Air Conditioner


We live in the tropical climate where mosquitoes are found. Mosquitoes are malaria-causing parasites, they infect human

with the parasites and it makes us really ill and in some severe cases leads to death. It is of utmost importance to keep

yourself and your family safe from mosquitoes. Invest in this innovative product and save money on visits to the clinic. LG

has developed this air conditioner with ultrasonic wave technology. The anti-mosquito function is harmless and nontoxic;

it’s safe technology for humans and the environment. LG anti mosquito split air conditioner is very durable and highly

efficient. It will optimally work and function in the harshest of conditions. It has auto-restart function.


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