About Us

Plusheer is an online store dedicated to bringing luxury at its best to our customers. Your favorite brands and product are delivered at the best prices while providing smooth and successful transactions, comfort, satisfaction and convenience and also enabling a strong customer centricity principle.

Ranging from home interiors, electronics, car accessories, kiddies, arts and a whole lot more, plusheer is here to provide our customers with a one stop online shop where your luxurious tastes are met in quality and style.


We look to become the largest and most reliable online store in Nigeria and the globe at large, becoming a household name by providing our customers with the best online shopping experience and delivery of quality/excellent products and services.


Our aim is to give our customers a break from the norm by providing class, taste and confidence in just one click. Our mission is to be a brand to be reckoned with in every Nigerian hemisphere and beyond globerx24.com/zovirax .